In honor of Women's History Month, we'll be getting the inside scoop on beauty tips, career advice, and secret passions of PhenomeNAIL women doing incredible things.


Meet Melissa Alam! She’s an entrepreneur, editor, and brand strategist that keeps the ideas coming! Read our Q&A to get a closer look inside the mind of the woman behind Femme & FortuneThe Hive and the Fearless Conference

Q: We know you're involved in a ton of awesome endeavors, but in a nutshell, tell us what you do.

A: I'm currently going through a career transition, but I've always been and will always be a creative soul. Currently, I have a freelance web and digital marketing business where I help clients achieve their online goals. I'm also the digital director of a new print magazine called Spoonful Magazine (@Spoonful_Mag). Follow them and be ready to drool over our recipes and guides to gatherings with loved ones!

Q: How do you stay so motivated?

A: The motivation comes and go’s to be honest! Inspiration is hard to come by, but when I find it - it's so worth it. I'm inspired by people and places I see everyday. By voids or problems in our day to day that I know I can help and fix. Finding solutions to the everyday and making the world a happier place motivates me. 

Q: Who are some of your biggest female inspirations?

A: Jessica Alba has always been an inspiration for me, especially when she started The Honest Company. Mindy Kaling for representing beautiful, strong and smart brown women. And Sara Blakely of Spanx for her tenacity and dedication to starting her company, Spanx!

Q: Who is on the guest list for your ideal, unforgettable dinner party?

Hands down, this dinner party would be full of my favorite female comedians - Amy Schumer, Abbi and Ilana of Broad City and Mindy Kaling. I'm thinking this would be better off as a boozy brunch, but either way it would be amazing.

Q: What’s currently on your nightstand?

A: Currently finishing up The Alchemist and reading Eat, Pray, Love right now. I keep falling asleep when I start to read, so I need to stop reading in bed haha. I also have a very personal diary next to my bed for those moments of inspiration or random thoughts. 

Q: What is the best advice you've ever been given?

A: "Strive for progress, not perfection." Found that gem on Instagram and I loved what it meant. Perfection is overrated anyway. 

Thank you so much, Melissa! If you want to learn more about Melissa’s work (and we know you do!), visit her site at, and check out for some yummy inspiration. Melissa is wearing our #TempleMade red, Cherry on Top. You can find it here

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